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I have found ladies need more options for draping and protecting their modesty than men who tend to prefer being massaged fully naked and uncovered.
Below are some pictures giving you an idea of some of the options available to you.
You have to be comfortable with your level of covering otherwise you will not be able to relax during the massage.
You can wear underwear if you wish although they will get oil on and it does restrict the flow of movement up and down the body.
Only you know what level of covering you require so please do let me know. Everyone is different.
I will discuss this with you before the massage starts.
While lying face down a towel is placed as shown above.
For those who prefer no covering while lying face down.

While lying face up everything is covered.
While lying face up the breasts are exposed which allows massaging of the sternum between them.
The breasts themselves are not massaged.
 For those who prefer no covering while lying face up.
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