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Couples can be massaged one after the other with a 2 handed massage by a masseur or with a 4 handed massage by a masseur and masseuse.
The alternative is to be massaged simultaneously on two massage tables side by side. One of you will be massaged by a masseur and the other by a masseuse.
You decide who is massaged by whom.

Please give me a call on 07729292709 or send me an email to hampshiremassage@yahoo.co.uk for further details.

Side by side couple's massage in Southampton with masseur and masseuse. 07729292709
The prices for couples or work colleagues are as follows:
Four handed massage for couples sequentially (one after the other) with masseur and masseuse in Southampton:
1 hour + 1 hour: £120
90 minutes + 90 minutes: £150
2 hours + 2 hours: £180

Massages for couples simultaneously, side by side on two massage tables, with masseur and masseuse in Southampton:
1 hour: £60
90 minutes: £80
2 hours: £100
Please call 07729292709 or email info@hampshiremassage.com

Contact number: 07729 292709
Email: info@hampshiremassage.com