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Before visiting me for the first time here is a brief description of what to expect and answers to some of the more common queries.
When entering the room you will find that it is very warm. If at any stage you are too hot or too cold then please let me know.
You will be offered a glass of water which is advisable to drink after receiving a massage.
I will leave the room while you get undressed and lie faced down on the massage table.
Draping: so many people ask about this. Lomi lomi is a full body massage and the whole body is massaged in long, flowing strokes. This is unlike other massages where each area is covered then uncovered then re-covered with layers of towels. Because of this draping needs to be very minimal and the room maintained at a very warm temperature.
Draping for ladies: You will be provided with a towel to cover yourself when you lie face down on the massage table. I will fold the towel to cover the area between your legs but leave everything else exposed. For those of you who prefer to keep your underwear on then you may do so but please remember they will get oil on them. Your modesty will be protected at all times.
Half way through the massage you will be asked to turn over and lie on your back. Traditionally lomi lomi is performed on ladies without covering of the breasts to allow massaging of the sternum between them although the breasts themselves are not touched or massaged. If you are not comfortable with this then you will be provided with a towel to cover your breasts. This will be clarified with you just before you turn over.
The default will always be to assume draping unless you specifically request otherwise. Some examples are shown here:  female modesty options 
Draping for men: With lomi lomi massage draping is traditionally very minimal and just covers the genital area.
You will be provided with a towel which I will fold and use to cover the genital area.
For those gentlemen who prefer no draping then that is absolutely fine - and most tend to prefer this anyway.
I will massage you with warm, unscented oil.
After your massage you may have a shower.
If you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact me on 07729292709 or info@hampshiremassage.com

Contact number: 07729 292709

Email: info@hampshiremassage.com